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Sam Morgan

not that the ARRL is the final word on anything, but their take on it can be found here:

On 12/28/2013 8:57 AM, Dyarnes wrote:

Hi Again,
I just got an update from my friend Shin, JA1NUT. It is Tokyo Hy-Power
that went bankrupt. There was some uncertainty that it could be another
company with a similar name. Not so.
In any event, Shin says the debt turned out to be rather small—only
about 2.5M Yen, which is only about $25,000---much less than originally
thought. That’s rather small, so very possibly this could be dealt with
in some way other than going out of business. We just have to wait and
see. However, if the products just weren’t viable profit wise, nobody
may want to take it over.
Dave W7AQK
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Thanks. Following some of the Japanese language web pages through
Google Chrome ... "Clear Leaf Institute" is a Japanese business
publisher/researcher so the information is probably good. Tokyo
Hy-Power is, in fact located in Niiza, Saitama. There are a couple
other reports from Japanese amateurs "confirming" the information.

It does not look good although 250 million Yen is about 2.5 million
US dollars so, depending on their commercial business, it might be
suitable for acquisition by another company. I could also see Yaesu,
for example, picking up the solid state amplifier line since they
have nothing at the present.


... Joe, W4TV

GB & 73
Sam Morgan

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