Re: [Elecraft_K3] New Rig needed TS 990 or K Line?

william conkling <bconk75@...>

Start with comparing placement on the Sherwood list.  K3 is nearer the top, and then compare price.

Does TS990 have two IDENTICAL receivers?  K3 can!

Can you even lift a 990?  K3 fully loaded weighs in at less than 10 pounds.  My old TS570 was around 16 pounds.

I am a happy K-Line owner.

...bill nr4c

On Dec 22, 2013 10:43 PM, <endoexperience@...> wrote:

I've been reading the mail lately and have been surprised at how many  fairly well known contesters have changed their rigs and gone with the K3. Many had 7000 series Icoms and 5000 Yaesu rigs have switched over....Hmmm. 

I've reviewed the Sherwood data and his presentation at Dayton Contest University.  The rig does seem to perform extremely well but I'm not sure my ears could hear the difference in the numbers. Still, the numbers of K3s being purchased by people whose scores I see in the top ten boxes seem to go up with every passing test.  "XX gave up his 5000s for 2 x K3s". " XXX has a multi multi - all stations equipped with K3s". I'm mostly a phone contester but I also love CW and would probably do more  CW tests with a better receiver (maybe?)

I've been using a 1000D  for 20 years and I really love the layout and radio. I find it VERY intuitive , but its getting old and has trouble on crowded bands during tests.  Its time to upgrade. 

I also see that Kenwood has a new rig TS 990  that looks pretty phenomenal. I don't know many people that have one and I have to make a choice - I can go with the K Line ( K3/100 w, Panadapter, 500 W amp and HP Auto tuner....for about the same amount as a TS 990. 
I already have an amp (Command Tech -HF 2500 same vintage but rarely use it due to gov't power  restrictions....don't ask) so I DO have the ability to do power isn't an issue...though I DO like the "automatic" 500 W ability .

Yeah, the 990s is a behemoth and can't be easily transported but is the K3 THAT much better a rig?

Why is the K3 a better choice?


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