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Hi Guys,

Here is how I optioned mine. 10 watts, if I like it I'll upgrade it t
o 100 watts. $1399. Cool. Comes with a 2.7 roofing filter and a noise
blanker. Great deal.

$99 TXCO - passed on that, I don't need 1 ppm precision when 5 ppm
comes with the radio. That's good for CW and SSB (my modes).

$99 General Coverage - purchased that, because without it, the ham
band filters are engaged and that means serious attenuation of any
SWL frequency that is more than a couple hundred kilohertz away from
a ham band edge.

$120 AM filter - nope, although it's required for AM transmit, 10
meters is the only band where I might use it and I have hollow state
rigs for that. The stock rig is good for AM receive.

$99 FM filter - nope, again it's required for FM transmit, but 6 and
10 meters are the places for that and I do CW and SSB there. I'm also
not sure about CTSS on the K3.

$79 CW Filter - nope, my choice would be 800hz, I'll wait for the
variable filters. (coming).

What a great starting point for a reliable core station, and I expect
there will be all manner of kits that will support the radio, since
they would be less likely to require SMT. (fleas). ;-)

$539 Subreceiver - for contests, not needed here for search & pounce.
$99 DVR - for contests, not needed here for search & pounce.
$259 Auto tuner - not yet.
$79 Transverter - not yet.
$39 USB adapter - not yet.

The biggest selling points of the radio for me are the taylorable AGC
and the reputation of Elecraft for designing a radio I can count on.

I always use a speaker and enjoy hearing a louder signal when it's
bigger. That works all the way up to "room filling". There are not
many rigs these days that will allow that because the AGC is
oppressive and overbearing, ruthless and just plain mean. ;-)

de wb8yqj/6

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Hi I have maybe a dumb quiz, but which of the the options are within
the fully assambled radio K3? Filters etc???
73 Rag

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