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Bob- thanks for the quick reply. What you describe, sounds like a mostly manual operation.. When I do M>V and recall the stored freqs, should that populate both VFO A  & B and then be able to proceed to the "Hold the Scan" to start the scanning op??

73 Paul 

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Set VFO A to the lowest freq. Set VFO B to the high freq. Go to a
different band. Now come back to the band that you set the freqs for.
The radio will now read them. Now hold the scan button......

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On 01 Dec 13 3:17 PM, eckerpw@... wrote:
> For some reason, I cannot get the scanning function to work on my K3. I
> am following the instructions in the K3 manual pg 40 as well as the Fred
> Cady book pg. 46. I am using the Elecraft K3 Memory Editor to program
> the frequencies into the K3 memories.
> When I press the M>V button, the recalled memory comes up in the VFO B
> window as it should, but when I Hold the Scan button to start scanning,
> the VFO B window just returns to the freq readout display and the K3
> does not start scanning. Looked thru the archives but can’t find
> anything relevant.
> What am I missing?
> 73 Paul
> Kc2nyu

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