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If you decide you're going to spend some time on digital modes and you don't yet have a separate soundcard for them, you should probably get one. However, if you have or ever intend to get a subRX for your K3, you will eventually want a soundcard with stereo line-level inputs. The SignaLink is mono. You can get a stereo USB soundcard for considerably less than the cost of a SignaLink or RigBlaster. Add a couple of stereo patch cables, and you're all set for digital modes with the K3.

Rich VE3KI

--- In, Jim Lowman <jmlowman@...> wrote:

I've been thinking the same thing. Elecraft even sells the cables for
this purpose.
I bought a set to see if I like working the digital modes, before I
invest $100-200 in the SignaLink or RigBlaster.

72/73 de Jim - AD6CW

On 6/18/2013 5:09 PM, william conkling wrote:

I don't see the need for it. K3 is already buffered and with easy PTT
and adjustable Lin IN and Lin OUT all I need is two stereo cables.
Works great.


...bill nr4c

On Jun 18, 2013 6:51 PM, "Steven Bertsch" <sabertsch@...
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Is anyone using a SignaLink USB interface & K3 through the jacks
on the back of the K3? I ordered the interface unit yesterday.

Steve K6SAB
K3 / 7497

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