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I just joined this reflector and have an order for the K3. I own a TT
Orion II and have been very pleased with its performance. I will be
watching for objective data between now and October to see how K3
stacks up against Orion to decide if I want to take delivery on the K3
and sell the Orion. I am hoping to see some more published data from
Bob Sherwood and/or ARRL before my order is ready.
The two rigs share nearly an identical front-end, with narrow filters
at 9 MHz for Orion and 8.2 MHz for the K3, so RF performance should be
nearly identical. I believe the main differentiators in favor of K3 are:

1. Price
2. High performance Sub RX (unlike Orion's) allowing true
phase-locked diversity (unlike Orion).
3. Ergonomics

Time will tell but I've sold my Orion and ordered a K3.

73, Bill

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