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Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft

Hi Dick,

Which address did you write to at support and when were the emails sent? We try to respond to --all- support emails. (Though it can take a day or more if we are receiving a lot of emails and calls.) Sometimes there is a typo in the support address used by the user which can also block it from getting to us. Other times we have seen our replies get caught in the customer's spam filter.

Also, if anyone emails support and does not get a response, please email sales@... to let them know. You can also call us on the phone is all else fails. We're here to help.
In any case, I'll talk to our support team about this Monday.



On Mar 9, 2013, at 8:54 AM, "Dick Diddams" <dickdiddams@...> wrote:

Twice I've written to K3 Support with no response - hence my assumption, 'my
application can't be done'. Also, my questions are most likely "outside"
the charter of K3 Support and no response was provided.

Reply directly to me, please doesn't clutter the Elecraft Digest with
needless chatter. (dickdiddams at

The questions asked K3 Support:

"Please recommend articles (manufacturers of hardware performing this
application) connecting the K3, KPA500, P3 and KAT500 via cable over a
distance of 200- to 250-ft? My operation is 95% CW, 4% PSK and 1% SSB."

"Recommend Application Note(s) available for operating a remote station
operation via cable"

"Usage of a UHF (1296 MHz as example) link is acceptable - but request
direction where to locate articles."

"Which is better hardware to use for this application, the K3/0, or a 2nd
regular K3 operating in 'terminal mode'?"

The reason for operating remote, is because the antenna will be located
about 200-ft from the house. The remote station is in an insulated climate
controlled room (inside a barn). The remote operating location has 100-amp
240-volt service.

As a side note, (from your experience), is it simpler for one to use the
Internet for this application - - - concern when using the Internet is able
to have full CW break-in. My normal operating speed is about 30 WPM and up
to 40 WPM. Not sure if there is a limitation on CW speed when operating
remote. If there is a limitation, what is the maximum CW speed one can use
when operating remote?

My preference is to run a cable (or an UHF link) and not use the Internet
for the remote operation.

If the recommendation is a K3/0 as the preferred hardware to use for remote
operation, are there "used" Remote Internet System readily available and
what is a reasonable selling price? 70%, 60%, etc. of the original selling

When you reply directly to me, and if we haven't had previous
communications, your email will automatically be placed in a Junk Folder
until it is retrieved and your address has been added to my Address Book.
Approximately once each day, the "Junk Folder" will be viewed and your
address will be added to the Address Book.

Regards, Dick - W7QHE

dickdiddams at

PS - Searching the Internet did not provide answers to my above questions -
possibly, the questions were not phrased properly!

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