Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3 Shipping Status Update


Paul, this looks like a good idea and the products certainly look like they
will be useful. Could you recommend any particular item on this site - the
The pens?
Would normal and gold be useful or is just one type sufficient
Any comment would be helpful since I'll buy a few things, taking advantage
of one postage cost and the current exchange rate.

I like the little bottle of ProGold with the brush in the cap, for wiping pins in connectors.

I also like the felt tip (chisel tip) pen for wiping flat contacts on PC Boards.

For large quanties of PC Boards, of course you'd use their ProGold cloths.

I have spray bottles, but they get the ProGold everywhere so I don't use them too much.

Also get some DeoxIT for unplated connectors.

I also like their Moving Contact Lubricant for getting rid of the scratchiness in pots.


>> I have a suggestion about the PCB headers. It would be nice if you
>> could send with each new K3 kit a small tube of
>> Caig. < >
>> I recommend treating each PCB header pin with Caig >>
>> "DeoxIT" >> in the K3 build.
>> This will keep contact resistance low; lubricate the pins; and most
>> importantly prevent Oxidation.
> For plated connectors, you may want to use Caig's ProGold instead of
> Caig's DeoxIT.

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