Re: (K3) Can't change Bands in WSPR Program

kc2nyu <eckerpw@...>

Mike - I have the serial rate in the WSPR Program set to 38400 because that is what I have set on the K3 RS 232 port. The K3 talks to the PC fine and all other programs(like HRD) at this speed. In WSPR I have 8 data bits and 2 stop bits set. So not sure if understand what you are saying. I don't think I have a mismatch between WSPR and the K3??

73 Paul

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It looks to me like the port speed is set to 38400 baud instead of 4800, which is the 'normal' default.
Try changing the Config Menu item RS232 to 38400 and see if that works.
Or, better still, see if the rigctl can be changed to 4800 baud 1 stop and no parity in the WSPR program. I don't know the program but that error string 'looks' like this may be the problem.
Good luck.
Mike VE3EQP .....>

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the WSPR Program seems to work fine for me except when I try to change the Band/freq on the K3 from the wspr program, I get the
following error string:
WSPR Version 2.11_r2263, by K1JT
Run date: Thu Jan 10 16:25:16 2013 UTC
Config parameter error: Invalid parameter
Error attempting to set rig frequency.
rigctl -m 229 -r COM2 -s 38400 -C data_bits=8 -C stop_bits=2 -C serial_handshake
= Hardware -C write_delay=0 F 14095600

I have never been able to change the band from the software, I just type it in to change to a different band and freq.
I am running an Elecraft K3 (4.60) with Signalink USB interface. Win 7 64 bit PC with 2.2 Ghz processor and 4gb of RAM. Rig control works fine in various other programs.When I try to change the band, I hear a small beep from the K3, and then get the error string.
-So is anyone running WSPR with Signalink usb interface setup, that can help?

73 Paul kc2nyu

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