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So far the K-3 looks good. The spec I would like to see now is phase
noise. The K2 was limited by phase noise (according to the Sherwood
Measurements) with otherwise a very strong front end. I hope the K-3
is as good as the Orion, which is very good in phase noise
performance. Bob N7UA
Bob, I've seen two different comments on phase noise. One said it was
at least 10 dB better and the other said something like 15-20 dB
better. Someone asked if that was -140 dBC and whichever person
responded (don't remember if Eric or Wayne or KI6WX) said they did not
want to be pinned down at this time. KI6WX apparently designed the
synthesizer and I believe he is the one who said it was at least 10 dB
better than the K2. You might search phase noise on the main Elecraft
reflector and find the actual comments, but I believe we will be
pleasantly surprised.

73, Bill

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