Re: RF feedback / muffled audio

Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft

I'm posting an alert with details on this by end of day today. (Both
on the web page and to the Elecraft list.) We're just finalizing the
docs right now.

This will include the serial number range and instructions on adding
the ground wire to correct it. We only became aware of this late last
week and finalized the correction and docs this week. All new
production had this corrected.

73, Eric

Gary Hembree wrote:
The front panel ground patch has fixed all of the problems
associated with using biased element microphones that I am aware of.
The original three K3s affected were SN 690, 728 and 729. Since then
several others have complained about the same problems, although I
haven't heard if the patch worked for them.
The symptoms on my K3 were exactly the same as on yours when I used
the Elecraft Proset. Additional problems surfaced when using the
Elecraft MH2 hand mike. All of these abnormalities vanished when I
grounded (with one small wire) the two capacitors that have the
missing ground trace on the front panel board. These are bypass
capacitors by the way, not blocking. An official field repair notice
is expected soon from Elecraft.

Gary, N7IR

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