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Interesting - IMD3 dynamic range - The filter used in the Orion is not
stated (or I didn't see it).
Simon, ARRL always measures IMD3 with any 500 Hz optional filters
installed. For some reason, either due to measurement technique or
equipment differences, Ten-Tec's IMD3 specs for both Orion and Orion
II have always been optimistic by 6 to 8 dB. IMD3 performance at 2
kHz is typically 92 dB for Orion and 95 dB for Orion II, as measured
by ARRL, Sherwood Engineering, RSGB (G3SJX in Radcom Magazine) and
W8JI. Elecraft may have the same problem but we won't know until one
of the independent testers posts some results.

73, Bill

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