Heil GM-5 mic connections to K3?

kc2nyu <eckerpw@...>

Hi- thanks to Dave k3dcw for the quick answer on my Signalink USB question earlier.
As I said earlier I am a relative newcomer having
just built K3 #6663 and trying to get various accessories hooked up to it. My old radio is a Yaesu FT-450 with which I was using a Heil GM-5 Mic and a Heil Pro-Set Plus along with a Heil foot switch.
- I like to start by just getting the GM-5 mic to work with the K3.
- Questions:
-Do most people use the front panel mic plug or the rear panel 3.5mm mic plug on the KIO3 panel?
- Is there anyone on the list who is using a GM-5 that I could hook up with?
- Heil says I need a CC-1-K adapter to match the GM-5 to the K3. Judging from the pic on their web site - it plugs into the K3 front panel. Is that the only option with the GM-5 -- front panel connection?
-- what other types of mics are folks using with the K3?? that can be plugged in to the real panel plug on the KIO3?? I know might be a dumb question.

K3? Thanks in advance for your help.

73 Paul

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