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You raise a very good question. I am following this group and the
TenTec Omni 7 group because I am considering a future purchase after a
very careful evaluation. The Omni 7 is out and I am frankly dismayed
by much of what I see reported in that group. After a few months they
are now at least on their 10th firmware release and there are still
scores of things that don't work correctly. So it's a very good
question to ask of current Elecraft owners if that's what can be
expected with the K3 release also. I can't wait to hear answers on
this one.

Knut - AB2TC

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I don't want to begin to raise any hackles here, but I cannot help
noticing an issue from another reflector site. I also apologize up
front if I am offending anyone. No offense intended.

This other reflector site deals with Amateur radios that can undergo
firmware upgrades. Lately, there have been many of these upgrades
released and it seems to me that everyone has problems of some sort
with certain radios. For example, I read that this version
fixed 'A', but now 'C' and 'D' don't work.

So, my question to Elecraft users. Do Elecraft users experience the
same sort of issues with the Elecraft firmware upgrades? Are the
Elecraft firmware upgrades pretty rock solid, meaning that only
the "broken" or missing issues are fixed or added with no
impediments to parts of the radio that are working?

I ask, because I am seriously considering the K3. Not that I would
base my decision on firmware upgrades alone, but it would help me to
better understand.

Thannks for your attention. I hope to be able to share my
experiences with what looks like to be a killer rig in the future.

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