Re: [Elecraft_K3] Re: No RF Output K3/100

Dennis Ashworth

Good point Kees … no, I checked and it is not in test mode. This is further verified as the red TX Led is on solid (versus flashing) during transmit.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Dennis, K7FL


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Is it in TEST mode?


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> No power output when depressing TUNE button, or in CW with PWR pot at any setting (0-100w). Transmitter keys, but display reads 0.0 Watts and there is no RF indicated on the W2 wattmeter. RX functions normally. Radio is ~2 years old and has worked flawless, lately running 160M WSPR at 10 watts. Latest firmware installed and radio has been reset to factory defaults. Comments welcome before I pull off the covers this weekend.
> Dennis, K7FL
> PS: radio is not in SPLIT mode

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