K3 preliminary Specs


Well, here is the first part of what we are all waiting for. I will
NOT be bothering Elecraft with questions (as per Wayne's request), but
discussion here is quite appropriate.


John, N6JW


wayne burdick n6kr at elecraft.com
Fri Jul 20 16:33:22 EDT 2007

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On our K3 page, you'll now find a link to a .pdf version of the K3's
preliminary specs. We'll add an HTML version, too, probably next week.
Any of these specs may change pending further testing or design

PLEASE don't call or e-mail with questions about the specs. We'll add
or update specs as time permits. Discussion about the specs is fine, of
course and we'll be diligently reading the reflector. But I'd like to
ask in advance that any *arguments* about specs be taken off-line, so
Eric (our reflector cop) doesn't have to put the hammer down :)

Comment about RX specs:

Receive dynamic range (IMDDR3) is shown for 5 to 20 kHz offsets at
present, with the 400-Hz INRAD filter. We're trying to be conservative,
because testing organizations may get slightly different results due to
variations in equipment and procedures. Our own tests, conducted at
three separate locations, consistently show 102 to 105 dB at 5 kHz. We
also didn't list 2 kHz offset performance yet, because we're carefully
characterizing all filters. Typically, we're seeing low to mid 90's on
all filters. (Measuring the K3's dynamic range has been a challenge
because it's higher than anything we've dealt with before. We've had to
beef up our test gear to handle it.)

Again, please, NO phone calls or e-mails about specs -- this will just
slow down the engineering and support staff. We're dealing with many
details right about now, as you can imagine.



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