Re: Christmas in August

Eric Swartz - WA6HHQ, Elecraft

Actually, a large number of K3 customers have increased the number of
and type of crystal filters on their order. Some have changed their
order 2-3 times. Many are changing right up to the last minute when
they receive their final confirmation from us.

Plus the number of K3 orders has pleasantly exceeded our optimistic
projections. But this brings us another set of logistics problems to
solve. There are well over 40 K3 sub-contrctors and parts suppliers
for everything from crystal filters, sheet metal, pcb boards, lcd
displays, wound toroids to custom knobs. Most of these items have 8-12
week lead times for volume orders. Shortages of just one item can stop
shipments. We have an excellent computer based Materials Planning
System, but you have to give it accurate projections to get everything
in on time. (GIGO.) And that doesn't even take into account vendors
who do not meet their committments.

This last minute changeing of crystal orders has greatly exceeded the
number of filters we initially had on order (based on initial orders)
and made it very difficult to anticipate the mix on crystal filters to
stock. We've reacted to this and have ordered additional filters
several times, but since the lead time on the filters from our
supplier is over 10-12 weeks, it will be causing intermittent
shortages over the next 4-8 weeks. (We're even straining their ramp up
capabilities!) But it looks good further out as we now have a much
better idea on what people will hit us with for order changes etc.

Managing the logistics of a fast ramp up like this is challenging.
We're working overtime to get everything in house and out to you. :-)

73, Eric WA6HHQ

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Do they grow their parts on a farm somewhere, and
we have to wait for
harvest season?
That's right. The weather at Aptos CA has not been favourable recently
and this has caused a delay in growing the crystals for the filters.

Leeds, UK

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