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I looked at the deposit as a participatory activity on my part. The
testers are doing their thing, and those of us that ordered in the
first round
not only confirmed that the Aptos crew had a good idea, but the
money helps them
get it out the door.

As far as asking for a concession...perhaps you can develop a so
many dollars
per day plan...and then suggest that to Elecraft.

I think that anyone ordering a first run product that is scuh a radical
departure from the norm should not be surprized is there is a delay.
Hear hear, Thom. This is not some faceless mega-corporation we are
talking about but a small company, run by hams, for hams. No doubt
Wayne and Eric could have sold out to a big concern and made a
fortune, or gone for an IPO and luxuriate in plush offices while the
hired staff do all the work. Instead, they have chosen to keep it to
themselves and work extremely hard. We should be willing to cut them
some slack because of this, if necessary.

Because of the "family business" feel of Elecraft, many of us who have
been users of their products for a long time feel a bit like part of
the family. Plunking some money down was something I was happy to do
to get in the first run, but it was also a vote of confidence, and
also in realisation that to raise the startup costs commercially would
cost more, which would inevitably be passed to us the buyers anyway.

I'm quite happy for Elecraft to have a small interest free loan for a
couple of months to help get the K3 out the door. Nor am I going to
moan that it has cost me more because the dollar has weakened still
further against the pound since they took my deposit. I'm not going to
complain if the shipping date slips a couple of weeks - this is a risk
I knew I was taking, and it's not as if it is going to cause me any
actual hardship. And I'm not going to complain if there are a few
things that don't work quite right when the radio finally does arrive,
because I know that they are doing their best to get it right before
it ships and will continue to do so afterwards.

Those who want to be 100% sure of what the radio will do and when they
will receive it should have waited until Elecraft is in a position to
meet those requirements. Nobody forced them to pay a deposit.

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