Re: Good news... or bad?

Joe Stofko <wb1aiu@...>

Hey! I'd be happy with a T-shirt or a hat, if I had to wait an
exceptionally lengthy period of time !!! ha! I mean, this is
Elecraft we are talking about here... not MFJ !!

Now... on to more positive things!.. If we gotta wait... we gotta
wait... I really DO want it to be "right the first time"!!

So... about the thread concering commercial DRM reception...

Joe - WB1AIU

--- In, Thom LaCosta <lacosta@...> wrote:

On Thu, 19 Jul 2007, Joe Stofko wrote:

Sure, I am as anxious as everyone else... BUT, I would not want
wait an extra two months, or more, without some "concession" on
part of Elecraft. They've had a decent sized chunk of money from
since back in May...
I looked at the deposit as a participatory activity on my part.
The beta
testers are doing their thing, and those of us that ordered in the
first round
not only confirmed that the Aptos crew had a good idea, but the
money helps them
get it out the door.

As far as asking for a concession...perhaps you can develop a so
many dollars
per day plan...and then suggest that to Elecraft.

I think that anyone ordering a first run product that is scuh a
departure from the norm should not be surprized is there is a

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