Good news... or bad?

Joe Stofko <wb1aiu@...>

Here are some comments from K3 beta tester, N6XI, posted on the
Elecraft reflector…

With statements like "… front panel labels are being revised.", one
can only wonder if first flight shipments are still on track to begin
next week.

Joe – WB1AIU

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2007 23:42:38 -0700
From: "Rick Tavan N6XI" <>
Subject: [Elecraft] K3 Update: It keeps getting better...
To: "Elecraft Reflector" <>
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Folks keep asking me how the field test is going. I think it's going
very well. Almost all the changes Elecraft has published have been
software. The hardware I have seen is very stable. There were a few
missing pull-up resistors and a ground jumper which we added easily
the field. The front panel labels are being revised. But the hardware
behind this software-defined radio is proving itself remarkably close
to final detail and quality. So I have been telling those who ask
the K3 field test is really SMOP, what we call in the software
industry a "simple matter of programming." That big job is proceeding
well, with new features, fixes and tuneups coming through every few
days. They are a snap to download and with each download the K3 keeps
getting better and better.

One of the more recent features added to the K3 software was VOX. It
was worth the wait! This is one of the smoothest I've used and the
anti-VOX is perfect. I've yet to have speaker audio trip it. It's
to adjust gain to match various microphones so that relaxed, quiet
speech triggers the VOX instantly but normal breathing and ambient
noise very rarely cause false triggers. Pickup is very fast - no need
to prefix a transmission with "Uhh..." to avoid losing a syllable.
There are no switching transients, either, so I can set the delay
short. Superb!


/Rick N6XI

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