Re: [Elecraft_K3] Re: K3 and DRM reception

Rick <mrfarm@...>

I was thinking the same thing. Any standard HF radio can run the digital modes such as WinDRM since it fits into an SSB passband.

The commercial reception of DRM (Digital Radio Mondiale) requires tapping a low frequency IF and doing further processing. DRM is at least 10 kHz wide and can not be used on HF ham frequencies, even if we had the technology to do it. A few rigs or receivers are designed to do this such as the Flex Radio DSP transceivers.


Rick, KV9U

ab2tc wrote:


I wonder if Tom was referring to "real" DRM used by broadcasters. The
ham radio DRM is a downsized version using less bandwidth. A real DRM
signal takes up at least 10kHz, maybe more. I have WinDRM installed
and have occasionally decoded signals at 14236. Frankly the audio
quality is miserable; I have no idea why this should become a popular

Knut - AB2TC

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