Re: K3 and DRM reception



I wonder if Tom was referring to "real" DRM used by broadcasters. The
ham radio DRM is a downsized version using less bandwidth. A real DRM
signal takes up at least 10kHz, maybe more. I have WinDRM installed
and have occasionally decoded signals at 14236. Frankly the audio
quality is miserable; I have no idea why this should become a popular

Knut - AB2TC

--- In, "Joe Stofko" <wb1aiu@...> wrote:

Hi Tom,

If you haven't already... check out
With the built-in audio interface on the K3... a PC and free
WinDRM sofware, I think you would be well on your way
to exploring this new mode.

Joe - WB1AIU

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I wonder if K3 will be suitable for DRM reception or perhaps can be
modified in such a way that DRM stations can be received.
Tom, VK2OE

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