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You *can* combat those. Get a good (huge) supply of #31 ferrites and start sprinkling them on your Ethernet cables. Let me know if you need sourcing information (Mouser has a very good supply). I have gotten almost birdie free from my LAN but it took a lot of work. Computer Ethernet ports invariably need multiple large ferrites with multiple turns of the cable through each of them. I have several Dell computers whose Ethernet ports had a lot of noise on them. Interestingly the Verizon router and switch that feed them are relatively clean. I have no evidence of any interference from my wireless LAN. Let me know if I can be of further help.

AB2TC - Knut

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Don't forget to check your LAN as a signal source. Both the wired and WiFi
LAN in my house bring an all new meaning to the term 'broadband'. They're
on the air, everywhere. :-( The computers, TV and other sources take a
backseat to the LAN.



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