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Thanks, I have sent them an E-mail and two days later I am still waiting for a response. I actually succeeded in uploading my log from work and received confirmation, but still don't see myself in the claimed score pages. Very frustating, with 215 Qs I could be #1 in USA judging from the logs on the site.

AB2TC - Knut

P.S. Sorry about the OT, but I did use the K3 for the Qs and I don't know of a more suitable place to seek help.

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Hello again,

I forgot that Yahoo takes away part of the e-mail address. Here it is in long form:

sacsupport AT sra DOT fi

Mike K2MK

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Hi Knut,

Here is a support contact:

The "Upload Contest Log" button brings up a pop-up box where you can browse for a log and then upload that log. Maybe your browser is rejecting it thinking it is a pop-up ad. My wife has trouble using Firefox on the LL Bean website because of their heavy use of pop-ups. For those she has to use Windows Explorer.

Mike K2MK

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Help, after doing over 200 qs in the SAC contest I have been unable to upload the log to their web site. The "Upload contest log" button simplo does not do anything. They have dropped the E-mail option which is very irritating. Also I can't find any "contact us" option either.

AB2TC - Knut

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