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David Bunte

Moe -

I bought mine at Dayton, it arrived the following Thursday and was on the air 30 hours later.  I really took my time... and joined my wife for a couple of social obligations, in addition to eating all my meals with her.  No crumbs in the rig that way. 

With so many filter options it can be hard to decide.  MOST users I have heard from indicate that the 400Hz filter is sufficient for ALMOST all CW challenges... and if you do only about 5% SSB the 2.7 kHz should be just fine.  I also got the 1 kHz filter to make tuning the band on CW a bit easier.  I don't own a mic, so you know where you can find me on the bands.  I have a friend who is a very serious RTTY DXer and he says there may be times when the 200 Hz filter would be helpful.



On Wed, Jun 1, 2011 at 9:30 AM, Maurice Farissier <mauricef@...> wrote:

Thanks Dave !


 I’ll be buying a new kit  K3/100 next month after payday.  I am still up in the air about what filters I’ll be going to get.  Any recommendation – 90% CW, 5% RTTY, 5% SSB, all light contest at times. 

I’m excited as this is the first rig in 20 years since my last TS 940 AT.  


De KA1S, Moe.




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HI Moe;


You asked :

Just wondering how long did it take to build the units..  ??


I saw quoted 10 hours; and I think that was about right for our 1st one. We were methodical; and actually worked as a pair - one with the instructions, the other doing the work.  2 is definitely better that one I think; I am certain 1 person would be slower.  The 2nd is coming on much faster; we just need to reconvene for the 2nd RX and amp; which will take maybe 2 hours.






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