Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3 - Kit build observations for comment

Maurice Farissier

Thanks Dave !


 I’ll be buying a new kit  K3/100 next month after payday.  I am still up in the air about what filters I’ll be going to get.  Any recommendation – 90% CW, 5% RTTY, 5% SSB, all light contest at times. 

I’m excited as this is the first rig in 20 years since my last TS 940 AT.  


De KA1S, Moe.




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HI Moe;


You asked :

Just wondering how long did it take to build the units..  ??


I saw quoted 10 hours; and I think that was about right for our 1st one. We were methodical; and actually worked as a pair - one with the instructions, the other doing the work.  2 is definitely better that one I think; I am certain 1 person would be slower.  The 2nd is coming on much faster; we just need to reconvene for the 2nd RX and amp; which will take maybe 2 hours.






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