Re: [Elecraft_K3] K3 - Kit build observations for comment

Maurice Farissier

Hi Dave !


Just wondering how long did it take to build the units..  ??



De KA1S,  Moe..


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Myself and a good friend (G4XUM) have recently purchased and built up 2  K3’s. All went pretty smoothly, but there were a few observations. Our radios were pretty well loaded, with 100W PA, and 2nd receiver too.


1)      I didn’t enjoy putting in the 2nd Rx, neither would I like to remove it again! ! ; Anyone considering a purchase would be well advised to be sure that they specify all of their required filters first, since the filters live under the 2nd RX.

2)      I am not sure if you can install the 2nd KSYN3 board (for dual rx) before 1st test; but this would seem to be a good idea, if you intend fitting  the 100W PA – access is severely restricted when the KPA 3 enclosure is installed

3)      The flying lead from the Ant sockets to their connectors R 11; I would have expected these to be coaxial, not just flying leads; the ANT 1  one  in particular looks too long (see p24 on the Kit manual). Is this in any way detrimental to 6m operation ??


We are looking forward to using our new radios on our trips in future. We already used 2 K3’s last year from S79K; and clearly were impressed enough to buy some for ourselves!









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