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I tried the Griffin Powermate several years ago. It's a great piece of hardware but the drivers, at least at the time, were poor. The wheel will only tune the radio as long as the radio control program has focus is the active window). To me that made it nearly useless since as soon as I go to do something else such as looking someone up on the wheel will send its mouse or keyboard events to the wrong program. Does anybody know if these newer entries has the same weakness? You'd think that the Flexradio one would least have a direct connection to PowerSDR.

AB2TC - Knut

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I want to spend two words about this remote knob: Tmate

- CAT knob (needs a PC and serial port to proper works)
- ICOM and KENWOOD compatible (so......Elecraft works).
- FlexRadio (all models) and PERSEUS compatible.

73 Beppe

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