Re: [Elecraft_K3] Debating between the K3 and the KX3

David Bunte

They are two entirely different animals.  Both extremely attractive.  Which is "best" for you depends on the type of operating you do.  My guess is that a hard core CW operator and/or contest operator will prefer the K3.  For portable and QRP operation the KX3 might be preferred.  For casual rag chewing they might both be more radio than "needed".  However, I recognize that few of us make our ham radio decisions based on need. 

I did not know anyone compared the KX3 to the IC7000.  I have been running an IC7000 mobile for 5 years, and if I had to replace it soon I know of at least three radios that I would consider over another IC7000... and the KX3 might make #4.  When I talked to Elecraft about the roofing filters for the KX3 they could not tell me much about bandwidth, shape factor or cost... but said that roofing filters will be a MUST, as the KX3 is a SDR, unlike the K3. 

Until units are actually in the marketplace, and carefully evaluated along with the obvious options, and pricing is firm, questions about how it compares to the K3, Ten-Tec offereings, or high end Icoms are moot.  All I was able to learn about pricing was that they are aiming at "under $800" for a bare KX3.  With the 100 watt PA and the ATU and at least one roofing filter, it may still be less than a basic K3/100... but does not appear to have the expandability. 

Bottom line is... we can ask questions... but we can't get many REAL answers... YET.

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On Wed, May 25, 2011 at 9:21 PM, Mike Rodgers <mikerodgerske5gbc@...> wrote:

You might at least wait till the full description and specs come out. 
One thing that caught my eye was the two levels of attenuation. 
I'm waiting with baited breath for more info!

Mike R

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Was planning to buy the K3 this year but now I am not so sure. Given that the KX3 is a bit newer, and Elecraft might upgrade the K3 within a year or so, I am leaning towards the KX3 with the external PA/ATU.

I know that we have compared the KX3 to the ICOM IC-7000. How about against the K3? Or the various Ten-Tec radios? Or even the higher end ICOM radios?

Any thoughts?

BTW, with the advent of the KX3 mean that there will be changes in the K3? Or that there will be a newer radio such as a K4?

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