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There is definitely something flaky about the receiver calibration procedure. It does seem to depend on unit to unit hardware variations, so some may not be affected at all. Mine is now perfect, but I had to repeat the procedure twice. I think it's very important to ensure the signal is dead centered in the very narrow passband specified for the test.

AB2TC - Knut

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Do you operate only 160M? Alternatively do you have S9 noise always?
This strategy on 6 - 17m will lead one to conclude the bands are always

Even with decent antennas, the above bands always need the attenuator
off, preamp on and full RF gain here on CW here. Always isn't quite
right, summer time thunderstorms do require turning off the preamp at times.

Try cranking up the gain, turning the attenuator off and the preamp for
the higher frequency bands. You may be surprised what you haven't heard

73 de Brian/K3KO

On 5/25/2011 10:32, Hector Padron wrote:

I don't know why all these lots of messages about a "defect" on the RF
gain control but in more than two years using my lovely K3 I have never
ever had any problem with that control,it moves smoothy from zero to
full gain without any gap on gain.I never use the preamp and keep the
ATT always enabled,my RF gain is used always around 10 to 12 noon to
have the minimun band noise.

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