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I have the same experience. I expect that the 1.8kHz filter is really needed only under the most extreme conditions. I do most of my operations on 20m and above where these conditions are rare, at least with the current band conditions. This solar cycle is *still* mostly a dud.

AB2TC - Knut

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I've got the 2.7 and 1.8..
I see very little improvement on ssb with the 1.8. I've done many comparisons with the 2.7 at b/w 1.9 and the 1.8 at 1.8. There is a difference but slight. I suppose that could change with great propagation and more crowding. The k3's dsp and 2.7 filter work wonderfully good.
You'll no doubt want a cw filter. I'll let others comment on that.
You will get get benefit from the kdvr digital voice recorder. It's on 10 seconds out but does repeat. You can record four outgoing messages. Push for single, push and hold for repeat, variable repeat delay.

Mike R

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Thanks Joe for asking this question.

This has been very helpful as I am getting ready to order a K3 but have been trying to decide on the filters choices.

I would also like to know anyones recommendations on the 2.1 and 1.8 filters and the CW filters: 400 8-pole vs the 500 5-pole and the 200 5-pole vs the 250 8-pole filters.

Glenn AC9I

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I stayed with the 2.7. Not worth the money difference. I did get , from INRAD , a 1.5 as for me the 2.1 did not quite make it.

Jim, KQ3R

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Would like your thoughts on the 2.7 versus 2.8 filter. I found some postings back in 2008, but not much since. I will use the rig for SSB, do not contest, just want full range audio and do not want to go wide band (3K and higher). I ordered a K3 at Dayton and did not select the optional 2.8, but could still change the order.

Will I sound any fuller with the 2.8? Transmit any cleaner? Reject qrm any better?

I remember reading one negative posting about the 2.8, stating upper and lower sideband were not balanced, and if I remember correctly this can not be changed on the 2.8, where the 2.7 can be adjusted to be balanced (I did this with the K3 I owned when they first came out).

Thanks and 73,

Joe N9VX

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