Re: Which Receiver is Best in Fighting Power Line Noise?



The noise blanker in the K3 is very effective against the power line noise that occurs in my neighborhood. I agree with other posters that the best solution is to get the power company to fix their problems and I have had some successes in this regard. But new sources pop up constantly so this is a game you can't win without a secondary defence and the K3 is a good one. It is definitely far better than the two noise blankers in PowerSDR-IF which I use with LP-PAN. If you have power line noise the K3's noise blanker is an effective tool.

AB2TC - Knut

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I'm getting ready to buy a new radio and a major factor in my decision
is the receiver's ability to fight power line noise.

During the spring and summer months here in North Carolina I frequently
have periods of four or five hours in the afternoon with S7 power line
noise. I'm considering the K3, the FTdx-5000, and the Flex-5000. Can
anyone provide information on the relative performance of two or three
of these radios in the presence of high power line noise?

Tnx and 73 - Dick, W3OA

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