Re: Second receiver


It also only applies if you use just one antenna for both receivers. With separate antennas there is no loss of sensitivity at all. On 10m a loss of 3dB would definitely be noticeable since the receiver is no hotter than it needs to be on this band.

AB2TC - Knut

--- In Elecraft_K3@..., Mike Kasrich <aj9c@...> wrote:

The difference shows up only if you are using the 2d rx. If the sub is
off then performance stays the same. You can hear a difference but in
my opinion it doesn't effect operation. The signal is still there you
may need to turn up the AF a bit depending on your preference.

On 4/28/2011 10:59 AM, velerito wrote:

Hi, I need advice, I'm thinking in purchase the second receiver for my
K3 but I read a review that told if you install the second receiver
you lost 3db of sensitivity, this is about half of S signal, so is
this info truth? and is noticeable for the ear such kind of
difference? What about your experience with the addition of the second
receiver? Thanks in advance and 73.

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