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Can the filter be adjusted to cover 5250-5510kHz which is the range where it's selected, at least for my US version? The OP's complaint was that he had reduced gain when listening to non-ham stations outside, but close to the 60m band. I have the same problem although the noise levels on these frequencies is high enough to not make this a real problem. But it is irritating to have the gain suddenly shift by more than 10dB when crossing those boundaries.

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That's OK if you live in Euorpe and the K3 is tuned to the U.S. channels, but if you have the U.S. version that's tuned to the European channels, the proceedure is different. When I adjusted my K3 using a spectrum analyzer the bandpass moved up a few KHz but it was no longer flat. I had to adjust both trimmers for the correct center frequeny and for flatness. Otherwise one side of the band would have more gain then the other. If the two trimmers are adjusted for a peak signal, the filter bandwidth will be too narrow.

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Here is an application note by Elecraft, Chuck, explaining how to do it.

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Hmmm. It would be interesting to know how and where it is adjusted. Actual
mechanical twisting capacitor trimmers?
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