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Tom Whiteside <tomw@...>

Bandpass filters depending on the type buy you from 30 to 50dB - I can't imagine a serious multi-multi contest station not using these filters regardless of the radio type... Having said that, our K2 had zero problems hearing other stations in our North American Field Day a couple of weekends ago and the other brand X radios could not say the same thing... This was 100W stations... I hope to have a K3 to add to the K2 for our effort next year.... Had we been running 1500W, even with the separation we had, I'm sure we would have had some effects on even the K2...

I've tried using my subreceiver on my Orion I in diversity mode in 160M contests with terrible results - even using lower input Beverages for the subrx and using the transmit antennas on the much more robust main rx.... This technique works great for DXing but all the overload products on the poorer subrx graphically demonstrate the vagaries of overload products... Now with a K3....

It will be interesting, indeed!

Tom N5TW

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It will be interesting to see if the Elecraft K3 needs external
bandpass filters when used in a multi multi contest environment.
Considering what the cost is for a full set of W3NQN filters, it
certainly make the K3 a popular if you dont have this additional cost
or weight to carry around on an expedition or in contest station.

I also wonder if a Tracking Preselector will become a future option
for the K3. The Yaesu U tune preselector is a great feature although
old hat! However if the K3's front end is bullet proof it would be
hard to justify the additional expense and marginal performance gain
from a preselector. When bad IMD, Keyclicks and phase noise dominate
the value of such filters is questionable. However it might be handy
in places like Europe. Its going to be torturous operating a perfect
receiver like the K3 and hearing the good, the bad and the ugly
knowing very well its not your receiver when you hear the bad!

Such is the price of perfection!


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