New venture into SDR radio !!...Interested in purchasing the ELAD FDM-DUO r......Can the frequency be changed on the,FDM software via the radios vfo ..or do I have to use CAT cable ? ..many thanks for any help available 

Darren Hennig

Welcome to the DUOr!

I have had mine for about 2 months now, and LOVE it!

Running the standard cable (USB) to the computer is fine for operations. You only need the CAT cable for any memory editing (names etc.) and some configurations. I haven't bothered yet. I run mine off a tablet - and get 152kHz BW max, in lieu of 192, but this may be due to the soundcard on board. I can record the width available and yet monitor via both Headphones off the unit and also off my tablet - two stations at a time. 

I often will run different modes dep. on what I am monitoring - say SSB on the unit and maybe AM or CW on the tablet within the BW of the screen. Tuning can be done by direct entry on the software, or via the knob. It is neat to lock to the CF and tune the radio with the knob whilst watching the display! :)

Not sure what antenna system you are using with the DUOr, but I highly recommend a WellBrook loop and some form of RF front end protection. These units are VERY sensitive. In Central N. America (I reside in Manitoba, almost smack in the middle of the continent). My loop (I use the ALA100LN-M) grabs a LOT of MW and above signals, and in MW I often run 10dB attenuation to avoid too many "PK" readings off the radio or software where the unit may clip due to signal levels being so strong. I have heard 14W AM BCB stations (w/10dB attn engaged) during fade ins between 50 and 25kW boomers on a good night. 25W NDB beacons over 1800km away can be received even during light T-storms in the SE US (which I hear often almost as if they were 10x closer!). 

SW performance and amateur band reception is also superb. You just need a really good antenna. I use the Cross Country Wireless RCVR Front end protection unit (galvanically isolates the antenna and has surge protection built in) with the loop and all is just fine. 

You are going to love this radio I hope. I think it is one of the finest I have ever owned. Only beef is I'd like a DSB mode for general listening (USB/LSB/DSB plus then AM and AM sync) on the stand alone rig rather than only on the software for DSB and AM-S. 

Strong signals and clear "air" for you!

Darren VE4VE
Winnipeg MB Canada

Darren Hennig,
VE4VE - Winnipeg MB Canada
ELAD DUOr/WellBrook ALA-100LNM antenna (4.8m Hexagonal loop) 
CLRdsp (when used standalone)