Move To A New Computer

Jim Fuller

Hardware FDM-DUO with 120W DUO-ART amp.
New Computer - Windows 11 Pro

I am moving my existing set-up to a new computer.

When I do this can I just plug in my existing cables into the new computer, as they were on the old computer, and install the drivers or do I have seperate the DUO from the ART and then plug in each cable from the DUO to install the drivers and then go through the ART setup?

Would also appreciate any lessons learned from someone who has done this.


Ron Hunsicker

I'm not answering your question, but, perhaps, giving you hope:  when I upgraded an existing computer from W10 to W11, the change-over was seamless.  Ten days have passed and I have seen no difference in the operation of my S3 and Version 3.55.