Help with microphone on FDM-SW2 #fdm-duo

john black

Hello all.  I have used my FDM-DUO/ART120 stand-alone for a long while, and I have used FDM-SW2 for receiving.   I want to also transmit through it.  
I am using a USB microphone, and it shows up in Windows and has audio output when I speak.  It also works fine with the FDM-DUO if I use SDR Console.
I can't get a peep of audio out of the microphone to the DUO with SW2.  I can bring up the TX Control panel and select my USB microphone, but I never see any audio in the waveform graph.  Shouldn't I?
I've tried every input and output combination.  What am I missing?
I'm using a Dell 7060 with Windows 11. 

John KB5AG