FDM-SW2 feature requests

Paul M0EYT

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place for feature requests for SW2 but having used it for a while, I'd like to see the following added / updated if at all possible;

  • Up/down cursor tuning, add 'shift' for X10, 'ctrl' for X100 step side, or make 'shift' and 'ctrl' adjustable via menu, i.e. X5 or X10 etc.
  • Waterfall / spectrum amplitude on TX. At present RX attenuation is applied when in TX mode. It would be useful to be able to keep the spectrum / waterfall gains at the 'rx' level when in transmit. Similar in function to selecting the attenuator function whereby the waterfall / spectrum doesn't move in amplitude.
  • Advanced TX panel, for each of the 'play files' options, allow EQ on/off, compressor on/off, and bandwidth selection which over-ride menu options.
Thanks and Regards,

Paul M0EYT.

P.S. I'm on 3.0.19 of the software, I did try 3.0.27 but it bombs on start up.