ELAD Remote update

Giovanni Franza

Thanks to Espen LA1RQ,
I've been able to fix a problem into both win32 and win64 installation.

The simptoms are lack of window decoration and lack on mouse pointer in the ELAD Remote window.

The problem is into setup.bat files and is the lack of installation of twm packeage.

The fix was to add -P twm at the end of setup.bat.
No other files or procedures of the installation has changed.

If you don't have already installed ELAD Remote you can follow the manual.

If you have already installed version 1.75 into win32 or win64 yu need to
1) download setup from: for win32
    or from: for win64
2) Relaunch setup.bat as explained into the maual.
This is enough to install the missing package and fix the problem.

Have fun,

Giovanni - HB9IK

Giovanni Franza

Thanks to Espen LA1RQ,
I've been able to add a new section in the manual.
The section is on pages 13 and 14 and explain how to connect
a paddle or a straight key to the PC where ELAD Remote is installed
and how to configure the device.
To download the new version of the manual (1.75.2) follow this link:

Have fun,
Giovanni - HB9EIK


Dear Giovanni

I appreciate your commitment and I hope my suggestions will support enhancement of the FdmDuo and Duo-ART.

I hope I will soon be able, after the Corona-shutdown, to set up my Elad-Line 230km further north to run EladRemote both SSB AD CW with straight key AND a Paddle :-)
The community up there has so far had no positive Coronatests, no Covid-19 patients, no deaths of Covid-19 patients and they want to keep it that way, so anybody travelling into the community up there from Oslo-area has to undergo 14 days quarantene. It would be a long trip...

Take Care, stay well clear of Corona!

Espen  - LA1RQ