elad-gqrx wrapper for gqrx

Giovanni Franza

Hi steve,
from the ldd command it seems that the programs are in the correct fornat and all the needed libraries are ok.
Also fhe environment variables are well configured.
The problem seems to be those environment variables are not seen fron program.
Could you please launch the program as
./elad-gqrx 2>/tmp/log.txt
and attach the  /tmp/log.txt file to the answer ?



Steve Knell

Hi Giovanni,

It's doing something now.  I'm now using 'sudo -E' to preserve those debug environment settings.  It did change the FDM-DUO's frequency to 14.200, but there is no audio in GQRX?

What's it trying to connect to and the end of the log (attached)?


Steve Knell

It's working now!!!  I removed this file ~/.config/gqrx/default.conf and all good.  MANY THANKS for this - very cool.

Giovanni Franza

I'm very glad you succedeed in using the wrapper.


Giovanni Franza

Thank to Steve Knell,
I've found a bug that arises in gqrx wrapper when the tuning is done clicking on the waterfall.
The problem is related to the fact that gqrx uses a channel differential frequency to not move the hardware frequency.
This is perfect, not gqrx problem, but from TCP/IP socket only "real" frequency is avalable, and the wrapper uses this frequency to set the Center frequency on the device (DUO; S1, S2).
The tuning works well if youj don't use the "clik on the fft" to set frequency, in other words when the differential channel frequency is zero.
I've cheduled to change the communication between wrapper and gqrx using I/Q channel two way (as gqrx do with devices), but it takes time and effort, so I ask to be patient: even if it is not visible I'm working on this.
Giovanni - HB9EIK

Paul M0EYT

Hi all,

I have used the wrapper with GQRX on a raspberry pi 4 with attached 7" screen, this produces a great FFT/waterfall. End use will be for my 10G /P system where the Elad FDM DUO is the IF transceiver. The system will run for more than a day connected to a USB power bank with 4 X 18650's in it. Photo below shows what it looks like, this is wht the FDM DUO tuned somewhere on shortwave.

As mentioned, the tuning control from GQRX works once at start, where it sets the radio to 14. something MHz but after that you cannot control the FDM DUO from the GQRX software, no major hassle for my application though.

Thanks to Giovanni for the wrapper, its really great!


Paul M0EYT.

Kevin Smallman

Thanks very much to you too, removing that file got mine working as well.
I'm so pleased - I was trying to get the Elad SW2 software to work in VirtualBox and it was too laggy really, this is much more snappy.

I wonder if I could get this working on Slackware as well?  Would I have to recompile or something?



Hi i have now tried it on S1 and I also got confused by this since i had an frequency error 13khz and ppm didnt work, finally i found this blog
Its been 3 years now, any idea if it can get fixed, I have an easy solution, just disable the tuning within the waterfall in the sourcecode
And add that as a parameter so it can be used when you start gqrx, would be fine, otherwise you forget this and you wonder why frq is totally wrong