Elad ART Remote Windows 64 bit

Jay Hoppe

I have tried to get this to work but have had no successes.
When I start the program using start.bat all I get is a small square window .
Has any one had any luck with this.

This what I have found the 32 Bit version works.
looking at the 64 bit version the bat files are calling the opt dir and it does not exist.


Charles Ristorcelli

Hello Jay.

I've asked the audience several questions about ELAD remote without getting any answers. I believe few people try to use it and I now understand a possible reason. 

IMHO Elad Remote is a WIP (Work In Progress).

Getting ELAD Remote to work took me many attempts and failure. I finally had tech assist from Elad and got it working.

Now I have to wonder why I even bothered.

Once working I discovered and was assured that ELAD Remote was not planned as a means of getting ELAD SW2 to work remotely, and those plans are long in the future if maybe.

So using DUO/ART120 remotely for ham radio contacts as I think of a remote control transceiver is not in the cards anytime soon.

I resolves remote control of the DUO/ART120 using TeamViewer as described in this month's QST.

Simple and easy. 

Jay Hoppe

Well I found the fix for the 64 bit version you have to place a folder called opt in the c:\cygwin64 folder and then move EladRemote folder into the opt folder.


Giovanni Franza

Hi Jay,
sorry to read only now your posts: unfortunately I was sick in a clinic for a bad infection.
Happy to see you've been able to solve the issue.
Now I've replaced the old, and wrong, zipfile with a one with the correct /opt filder and EladRemote folder moved in it.
Thanks a lot fou your contribute,

Giovanni -  HB9EIK

Jay Hoppe

I like the remote program.
And I wish you well.