DUO ART Error Message

Jim Fuller

Received the following error message on the main screen of the ART, while on bank 0, just above the menu bar: " Error! CAT: Unable to open device /dev/ELAD817" See attached jpg.

Setup -DUO UI-4.87, FGA-2.00, USB-4.09, RX-1.50, TX-1.35
ART SW ver 1.69, FW ver 1.20, HW ver 1.10 I've had the ART back from ELAD for less than a week - power supply issue.

When I received the error message:
-the rest of the main screen below the meters disappeared or were blanked out by the error message (I'm not sure which)
-the frequency readout between the meters disappeared
-received signal strength dropped by 10-15dB
-I was unable to access the functions on the main screen (or they were blanked out by the error message.)

Cycled to bank 1 - signal strength returned, the error message remained and I was not able to access any of the main menu items (once again, I believe that they were blanked out by the error message.)

Running through multiple system restarts it appears that any time I started up on or selected bank 0 the error message came back and I was unable to access (or see) any of the main menu functions.

At the end of the day I restarted the system on bank 1 and did a factory reset from menu item 90.

Questions for the group:

1. Any idea what the error message means?

2. Has anyone had a similar error message and what did you do to recover from it?

3.It can take some time to tune the ATU on the ART to the various frequencies and bands that one wants to. Is there any way "save" the ATU settings so that they can be reloaded?

Thomas McQuiggan

Do you actually USE the FT-817 interface? 

Jim Fuller

Figured out the problem yesterday after I got the ART back up and running. I set out to try to recreate the problem -what I believe happened was that when I had the MEM screen up I inadvertently pushed the INTERF button rather than the back button.

Thomas in his reply spottted the issue - but I had already recreated it myself.

Thanks to all.

Jim Fuller - KC4JNW