ICOM IC-705 and ART 120


Thanks Peter will give that a go.

Bill G3YTT

Peter Levitt

I have used my IC705 with the ART120 in generic mode and it works ok, the PTT works with the ART120, keys it without need for a interface all ok.
I do use a homebrew interface for my other amps.

Peter G4HAI


Hello, has anybody on the group succesfully interfaced the 705 to the ART 120 amplifier.

Needing to protect the PTT signal from the 705 against feedback/transients from the amp.

Assume from what I have read is that the amplifier will detect the TX frequency and switch in the correct filters.

Been looking at the Ameritron ARB-704 to handle the PTT line, however cannot find one for sale. Any other suggestions.