ICOM IC-705 and ART 120


Hello, has anybody on the group succesfully interfaced the 705 to the ART 120 amplifier.

Needing to protect the PTT signal from the 705 against feedback/transients from the amp.

Assume from what I have read is that the amplifier will detect the TX frequency and switch in the correct filters.

Been looking at the Ameritron ARB-704 to handle the PTT line, however cannot find one for sale. Any other suggestions.


Peter Levitt

I have used my IC705 with the ART120 in generic mode and it works ok, the PTT works with the ART120, keys it without need for a interface all ok.
I do use a homebrew interface for my other amps.

Peter G4HAI


Thanks Peter will give that a go.

Bill G3YTT