feature request #fdm-sw2

han hardonk


After a long time I am using the original SW2 software again.

I like it this time very much. It is only us it to listen to mediumwave. 

Only there is one thing that I would like to be available in the software.

When using the "E " key to choose ECSS it would nice if you could press it several times. 
first time Lower 
second time Duo 
third time Upper
fourth time lower again 
And so on.

Maybe this not the right place for a request. But maybe Vianney could pass the request to the correct people ?  Would aprecciate this very much.
And maybe I am the only one in the world that likes the sofware to work this way ? 

With kind regards

Han Hardonk
Member of the Benelux DX Club 
The Netherlands