can anyone verify the Elad Application Notes AN 006 is functional as written


can anyone verify this is working AN oo6 version 1.8.0 using duo with two wsjtx
 i cannot get this working, and tried everything, i think!

using  activated 64 bit vspe
and activated vb virtual audio cable A and B



Cannot get it to work as described.
I also use VSPE 64 bit and VB-Audio.

Gave up on it....

Jeroen PF1JM


hi jeroen 

ive been at it a few times now over the past couple years.

im not giving up yet I’m stubborn😂

thanx for reply

anyone else any luck with 2 channel ops

maybe digital on one channel and ssb on other

maybe im over thinking the situation and trying to achieve the impossible, when what I really need is another rig and antenna