Hardrock Amps

Morris G1PIB

The HobbyPCB kits are exceptionally good and with the help forum also on the ball..
I built the Hardrock 50 and ATU kits and for my Duo was an ideal partner..but the pleasure
of buliding yourself was the  bonus, again more expensive than most ready built units
( if you can find one with buit  in atu ).Software updates are easy to install .
The price of the H500 is what !!  but they are popular kits..
I used just under a watt in for about 30w out .. I never bought the auto band change
interface....just used the manual mode for the atu. My Duo is now a fixed unit at my sons
house ..so no Duo here now. !
I hope everyone gets enjoyment from building the new H500 ..

My S3 is operating as expected and more ...I was hoping the downconvertor would
available before the locked in festive season ..but I waited for the S3 so I will wait for the

From a users point of view..( not technical ) if Elad want to send me a test unit please do so..hi hi.
and I will report back.

Just one point  users disliking the Elad SW2 software .I personally only use SW2 ..I tried SDR Consule
but I only use that for the SDRplay unit for VHF up... SW2 is the better to me.. but people like what they like.

Every one stay safe...stay in enjoy radio..and eat plenty of chocolate !

Morris  g1pib..still in wet and dripping !!  Burnham on Sea.. Somerset