Elad CPU Usage

George Stein - NJ3H


I am using an Elad S2 on a Win 8.1 quad core 16 GB computer.

I am using the native Elad software and also SDR Console (SDRC)  (not at the same time, of course). Also I am using the 3.072 MHz bandwidth.

What I am finding is that CPU usage under SDRC is now running 35% CPU usage.  With the Elad native software, the CPU usage is about 11%.

I also tried with my Perseus.  Native Perseus software is 12% and with SDRC is 12% as well.

Up to a few weeks ago, The Elad with SDRC would start out at about 30% and then perhaps a half hour later, would be at 15%. But this no longer happens.  In fact it is running much higher than the 30 %.

Has anyone experienced such a high CPU usage with the Elad and SDRC combination?

Any suggestions to lower the CPU usage using the Elad would be greatly appreciated.

George, NJ3H
Redmond, Oregon USA

Bill Alpert

George, I had CPU usage issues when trying to run under Windows emulation using a Mac.

My guess would be that the SW2 program really prefers a modern OS and a modern processor to work optimally. I ended up buying a Dell Ryzen 7 processor laptop on special at Best Buy, and the problems disappeared.
Bill / KG6NRV