EIBI database with FDM-SW2

roger duym <rogerduym@...>

I replaced my FDM-S1 with the  FDM-S2 and the same time started using the EIBI database 

I noticed that the station name is displayed about 3 to 4 minutes later  than the start time indicated in the database.

do I something wrong?



PS I have the FDM-S1 for sale . If interest contact me directly ( prefer selling in eurozone )


You are right, there is an issue.
I just observed an entry with a closing time of 1005 UTC (which I explicitely created). It did not disappear at all! It is now 1015 UTC as I write this and it is still there.
I have to go into Settings and click Apply. Then the list is updated and the entry disappears.
Then I created an entry with a starting time of 1020 UTC. It did not appear at all after 1020 UTC! I had to apply the settings again to make the entry visible.
I am not sure if this is what is desired.
73, Henry